Aston University Lakeside Residences Review

I thought I’d do a quick review for anyone trying to choose between the different accommodations on campus. Living in halls was great fun and I highly recommend it to any freshers. Some people do have bad experiences, as is always the chance when you’re sharing with random people, but the vast majority have a great time with plenty of opportunities to socialise and meet new people. I paid £121 a week for an en-suite room sharing with 8 other people.




IMG_20140616_172026Despite being the cheapest, Lakeside rooms actually have the most storage and floor space. The bathroom is much bigger than the new builds which can be a bit cramped in my opinion. The kitchen only has one oven but this was never an issue, even with 3/4 people cooking at once. Again compared to the new builds the kitchen has a much larger floorspace too.

The biggest problem with Lakeside is the laundry room. It shuts at 10pm (your access card just stops working) and a lot of the washers have an issue where they don’t drain properly, resulting in having to tumble dry several times or rewash. Despite multiple people complaining nothing was done about that so it was pot luck whether you got screwed every time you did some laundry. Fridge & freezer space were usually very limited but as long as you can live with one shelf it’s fine. You do get the usual student halls inconveniences like loud music and fire alarms at random times too!

All in all I had a great time in Lakeside, I’m still good friends with my old flatmates and I can gladly recommend it to any new students coming to Aston. More details are available on the official website.

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  1. Vishal

    Do individual students in the lakeside residence have a private room or they just have some space for bed to sleep?

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