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New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to my website! This is my first attempt at a serious blog (you’ve been warned). I suppose the main focus of this will be electronics / computers but hopefully lots of other things I find interesting will find their way here too. A summary of my life so far is probably in order so here we go:

Born in Swindon (but ever distancing myself) and grew up in Royal Wootton Bassett. The prefix is new and nothing much has changed since acquiring this glamorous status. It’s a small town with a population of around 10k, one secondary school and a high street. I’m proud to be from Bassett but living there 19 years is quite long enough and was part of my desire to move to a large city. After secondary school I spent two years in the adjacent sixth form before an additional year at New College Swindon; producing 4 A2s and an AS. In September 2013 I began a 4 year degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Aston University, Birmingham. As of writing this I’m at the back end of the first term.  I’m planning on doing more detailed posts about my academic experiences at some point in the future. After I graduate I’m not sure what field I want to work in; however, luckily my degree leaves me open to a wide variety of industries so I’m sure I’ll find something. Anyway that’s enough of that!

My mum is from Finland and my dad from Leeds (I know) and I have a younger sister that I’m oh-so-lucky to share the same birthday as. We’ve spent a lot of time in Finland travelling / visiting relatives and in 2005 we bought a house and the surrounding land that belonged to my mum’s uncle. The house is in a bit of a state but nonetheless many holidays were spent there working the forest, swimming in the lake and plenty of saunas too. With the large amount of land around the house the dream would be to build a new cottage from a kit, if one day time and money allows.

Well that’s my first post done, and I’ll leave you with a picture of the biggest snowman you’ve ever seen.




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